Who Is Matthew Pasteris?

Director, Developer, Artist and Entrepeneur. These are but a selection of my faces. I enjoy doing creative things, whether that's building a full-scale enterprise web application or freestyling in my sketchbook, and everything inbetween.

I've launched game titles. I've run an independent comic book publishing operation. I've designed, developed and maintained countless small business and personal websites. Regardless of the field or industry, I will find a way to excel in my work.

You cannot beat a river into submission. You have to surrender to it.
- The Ancient One, Doctor Strange


Curriculum Vitae


20+ years of leadership, design, technical direction, creative direction, SEO optimization, and web/interactive development.

Skills & Expertise

  • Management: JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Balsamiq, agile, waterfall, gaant, Google analytics
  • Web: HTML, CSS, PHP, JSON, XML, JavaScript, WordPress, wix, Magento
  • Creative: Adobe suite, digital & traditional illustration, copywriting, editing, creative direction


  • October 2018 - present: Freelance Web Specialist, various clients

    Design, graphics, code & copy for a diverse clientele, primarily working within WordPress. I provide social media management, SEO, WordPress admin, site optimization, and marketing consultation as well.

  • 1998 - 2010: Short-term & Contract, Various entities
    • Syndicate Publishing/Platinum Studios: Design & maintain websites, illustrate comic books, convention booking & materials. Comic book industry.
    • Avid/Pinnacle: Maintain customer-facing websites, design promo pages and tradeshow materials. “Prosumer” video industry.
    • Quiet Solution/Serious Materials: Design and develop websites, design marketing materials. Green construction industry.
    • Fat Spaniel: Develop kiosk user interfaces. Renewable energy industry.
    • HotDispatch: Design & maintain targeted websites. Careers industry.
    • Riffage: Maintain primary and promotional websites. Music industry.


  • February 2010 - October 2018: Sr Web Development Producer, Trion Worlds Inc.
    • Promotional landing pages for releases and expansions. Focus on initial engagement. Developed primarily on a WAMP stack.
    • Front-end for the Trion platform, commerce and accounts. Developed in cooperation with JAVA engineers, using Freemarker and javascript.
    • Multi-site: All brands living under one roof. Focus on customer retention. Highly customized WordPress installation running on a WAMP stack.
    • Design & development of html email templates within ExactTarget and Marketo.
    • Customer service portal development within RightNow and Zendesk.
    • Forum design & development within vBulletin.
    • Four years as manager of the WebDev group.



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