Behold, the "Curriculum Vitae"...


Senior-level, full life-cycle development and direction within a leadership role, with the opportunity for promotion.

Skills & Expertise

  • Management: JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Balsamiq, agile, waterfall, gaant, Google analytics
  • Web: HTML, CSS, PHP, JSON, XML, JavaScript, WordPress, wix, Magento
  • Creative: Adobe suite, digital & traditional illustration, copywriting, editing, creative direction


  • February 2010 - October 2018: Sr Web Development Producer, Trion Worlds Inc.
    • Promotional landing pages for releases and expansions. Focus on initial engagement. Developed primarily on a WAMP stack.
    • Front-end for the Trion platform, commerce and accounts. Developed in cooperation with JAVA engineers, using Freemarker and javascript.
    • Multi-site: All brands living under one roof. Focus on customer retention. Highly customized WordPress installation running on a WAMP stack.
    • Design & development of html email templates within ExactTarget and Marketo.
    • Customer service portal development within RightNow and Zendesk.
    • Forum design & development within vBulletin.
    • Four years as manager of the WebDev group.


  • 1998 - 2010: Short-term & Contract, Various entities
    • Syndicate Publishing/Platinum Studios: Design & maintain websites, illustrate comic books, convention booking & materials. Comic book industry.
    • Avid/Pinnacle: Maintain customer-facing websites, design promo pages and tradeshow materials. “Prosumer” video industry.
    • Quiet Solution/Serious Materials: Design and develop websites, design marketing materials. Green construction industry.
    • Fat Spaniel: Develop kiosk user interfaces. Renewable energy industry.
    • HotDispatch: Design & maintain targeted websites. Careers industry.
    • Riffage: Maintain primary and promotional websites. Music industry.


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